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The International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene (ICFMH) of the International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS) will sponsor a Developing Scientist Poster Paper Competition at the 4th International Conference on Microbial Diversity.


  1. To encourage students and recent graduates to present their original research.
  2. To foster professionalism in students and recent graduates through contact with peers who attend the 4th International Conference on Microbial Diversity.

General information

  1. This competition is open to undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students, including those who have graduated not more than one year prior to the deadline for submitting abstracts.
  2. Entrants in the competition must be the first author.
  3. Entrants must be present to answer questions for a specified time during an assigned session.
  4. The work must represent original research completed and presented by the entrant.
  5. Students may enter only one poster paper in the competition.
  6. Acceptance of an abstract for presentation is independent of acceptance as a competition finalist.
  7. In addition to following the instructions in the “Call for Abstracts,” entrants must indicate if the paper is entered in the poster competition.
  8. Competition entrants selected as finalists will be notified by the chairperson of the conference Awards Committee.
  9. Entrants must be registered for the conference.

Judging Process

All abstracts accepted for presentation and entered in either the Developing Scientist Poster Award competition at the 4th International Conference on Microbial Diversity will be reviewed by the Awards Committee.  Only eligible abstracts accepted for poster presentation and entered in the competition will be evaluated.

A panel of judges will evaluate the abstracts for the poster competition.  The finalists will be notified in advance of the 4th International Conference on Microbial Diversity.

Judging Criteria

  1. Abstract – Clarity, comprehensiveness, and conciseness
  2. Scientific Quality – Adequacy of experimental design (methodology, controls, replication), extent to which objectives were met, difficulty and thoroughness of research, validity of conclusions based upon data, technical merit, and contribution to science
  3. Poster – Organization (clarity of introduction, objectives, methods, results, conclusions), quality of illustrations, ability to answer questions, and knowledge of subject

Announcement of Awards

The names of finalists will be announced and awards will be presented at the closing session of the conference.  The winner of the competition will be presented with a prize of Euro 500 and a certificate.  Second and third place awardees will be presented with certificates.  All finalists are expected to be present at the closing session.